Perasma: Theatre in Radio

The theatrical play „Perasma“ (Transition) written by Delina Vasiliadi, (KAPA publications) , was adapted for Radio and premieres on Sunday 29. November 2020, at 19.00 Uhr (CET) at „Hephaestus Radio“, (the greek radio of diaspora based in Austria) , produced and preformed by the greek-austrian theatrical group “Zur Sonne”

It is an existential Drama in one act, actually an existential farce.

Playwriting/ Adaptation: Delina Vasiliadi
Performing: Ino Matsou
Direction – Radio editing: Theodoros Limitsios
Music: Andonis Papanikolatos
With the participation of young: Iris Poulios
Production: Theater Group „ZurSonne“
Supported by the “Hephaestus Wien – austrian-greek integration society
The recording took place at the “Zur Sonne” studios