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I am Ino Matsou, a Greek actress, who lives and works in Vienna in the heart of Europe. I love working in a multilingual, international environment, whether on set or on stage. I appeared in the acclaimed crime TV-series Tatort Wien, directed by the brilliant Austrian director Sabine Derflinger. I perform in three languages: German, English and Greek. I enrich the characters with a somewhat charming Mediterranean accent; a touch that adds a unique flavour to my performances.
My journey in acting began in Greece, where I laid the foundation for my craft. In Vienna I proudly earned my state-awarded acting diploma, a testament to my dedication that fuels my passion for the screen and stage. I love to portray strong women’s characters. My artistic appetite gravitates towards the allure of political thrillers, the timeless elegance of historical films, the emotional depth of dramas, and the liberating spirit of comedies.
Prior to my acting career I worked as a dentist in my private practice and in Vienna’ s University dental clinic.