nice to meet you

That's me

A constant work in progress. That’s me. And it is truly fascinating to observe yourself. And then

observe the others. And interact with them. Watch the effect you have on them, the effect they
have on you.
An ever-transforming woman. That’s me. Going down her path of life, she had to fight many inner
conflicts. Now she breaks her own boundaries. Ideas, perceptions, stereotypes.
As soon as you realise, that you are infinite, you become creative. And you need to interact. You
need to express yourself. You simply need to tell your story. And the story of the others.
There’s this little girl fascinated by the others. Especially the ones, who don’t look, don’t speak
like her. The musicality of different languages is something she is strongly drawn to.
There’s this dentist. All she cares about is how the patient feels, what’s his/her story. She wants
to interact with them. To hear them. (Well in that case, you usually end up having yourself a long-
lasting monologue!)
There’s this door. It’s called stage, it’s called camera. And there’s this Greek woman, now living
in Austria. She knew not a single word in German language but “Ich liebe Dich”. She knows about
this door, back in the days in Thessaloniki, she kind of peeked in that door, but never really entered.
She puts now all the obstacles aside, and continues at full sail towards this need that she has:
Being at the service of the others, by telling their stories. Working along with other creative
creatures to breath life into an artistic vision, either a playwright, or a script. And to share it with the
And what you’ve read is just a written, limited version me. There are still infinite versions of me
out there to be discovered.