Ino Matsou

nice to meet you

My name is
Ino Matsou

I was born on November 1976 on a snowy Monday morning in Thessaloniki,Greece (yes it snows also in Greece!)
I worked as a dentist for several years  and at the same time, I studied acting at the Parathlasi Drama School. In Greece I played in several theatrical productions until love brought me to Vienna. And soon we were the three of us…and a cat.
Shortly after, I did many workshops, became a member of the Austrian-Greek theatrical ensemble “Zur Sonne”, and in 2017 I got my state-awarded acting diploma in Vienna.
Either on stage or on camera, listen carefully, be in the moment, let go, and…action!


Body Height: 1.65m

Nationality: Greek

Languages: Greek, English, German, French

Skills: Dancing (modern Jazz, Jazz-ballet), Yoga, Swimming, Skiing


2017: State-awarded acting diploma in Vienna

2001-2004: Drama School Parathlasi Thessaloniki


2020: Method Acting Workshop / Robert Castle

2019: Chubbuck & Choices Workshop/ Tim Garde

2018: Method Acting Workshop / Robert Castle

2018: Casting Cold Reading workshop / Angelika Kropej and Dunja Tot

2018: Truth Workshop-Susan Batson method / Kristian Nekrasov

2016-2018: Acting on Camera weekly courses/ Morteza Tavakoli

2018: About me workshop/ Dunja Tot

2018: Speech training and therapy/ Eva-Maria Neubauer

2017: Acting-what is next? / Marion Rossmann

2017: Directness workshop / Eva Roth

2017: Audition workshops/ Luisa Stachowiak

2016: Skype online classes/ Kirk Baltz

2016-2017: Actor´s Intensive International Master Class based on S.  Meisner/ Kirk Baltz

2016: Audition workshop/ Nicole Schmied

2014: English acting workshop for adults / Adrienne Ferguson


2020 A bedfull of foreigners/ Simone/ D: D. Kozeluh

2019 Greek Lotto/ Veska/ D: M. Schiener

2019 Mutual Words/ Two Women / D: T. Limitsios

2018 Heavenly for life/ Loukretia and other roles/ D: T. Limitsios

2017 The ladies in the yard/ Nitsa/ D: T.Limitsios

2016 The yard of wonders/ Olga/ D: T. Limitsios

2015 Lysistrata/ Lysistrata/ D: T. Limitsios

2014 From screen to stage/Diverse roles/ D: T. Limitsios

2006 – 2009 Blackbird΄s ballad/ D: M. Kitsopoulou

2005 Tango/ Eleonore/ D: M. Kitsopoulou

2004 State of siege/ Secretary/ D:  M. Kitsopoulou- G.Gasnakis


2019 ÖGK Commercial/ Consultant/ D: T. Wildner

2019 Cosmos Direkt Commercial/ Mother/ D: S. Bollinger

2017 Lila/ Sotiria/ D: Mario Glöckner/ Application film

2017 Stifado/ Sofia/ D:  Mario Glöckner/ Short film

2017 A story in the light/ Boss/ D:  Felix Pochlatko /Applications film

2016 Fucking Drama/ Woman in white shirt/ D: Michael Podogil / Short film

2007 Tris/ Mirto/ D:  S.Kouloukouri-J.Mazarakis/ Short film

2016 Leiner Commercial/ Business woman/ D:  Mathias Bierer / Advertisment

2006 Haiwania 3-0/ Roula/ D: Antonis Kanakis